Friday, July 09, 2021

Julian Sartorius - Locked Grooves [-ous 035 Promo]

The -ous label goes "Locked Grooves" with the new highly conceptual vinyl release by drummer Julian Sartorius which is put out on the circuit today - July 9th, 2k21 - and features a total of 112 loops, each restricted to a total length of 1.8 seconds due to the vinyl format with 56 of them, extended to a roughly one minute beat tool, featured on the promotional CD version of this release. The result is stunning and hypnotic, with true emphasis on polyrhythms and somewhat complex, tribal-infused patterns which are - at least on our version - perfectly cut to match eachother and therefore present a truly monolithic array of beats. With this being a hot and thrilling concept in itself we are sure that even more literal dancefloor damage can be done when this one is used and abused by DJ's in a club setting on one or even multiple decks or, probably even more exciting, when these beats are used and abused as a sample source by creative producers and beat makers who are able and willing to transfer them into a totally new and entirely unexpected context. Next level shit. Get.


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