Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Benoit B - We Come In Peace [Animals Dancing 009 Test Pressing]

Scheduled for release on 12" vinyl via Melbourne-based label Animals Dancing on July 30th, 2k21 is "We Come In Peace", the first ever production effort by French producer Benoit B created for the imprint. On four tracks, and most outstandingly on the opening cut "Drum Symphony", we see Benoit B pairing a somewhat muffled (Neo)Trance meets NuDisco crossover with playful, somewhat psychedelia-infused melodic motifs whilst also incorporating influences of slightly spaced out Electro in tunes like "La Retraite De Rockers" and "Dreelkrugz Conquest" for extended late night sets on advanced Synth x (Neo)Cosmic x KrautDisco floors. If this does speak to you, you well know what to do.


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