Monday, July 26, 2021

Xotox - Ultima II [Infacted Recordings]

Released via Infacted Recordings only recently is "Ultima II", the second part of Xotox' latest two album retrospective and the one focusing on rare and even formerly unreleased tracks and remixes harking back to the earliest days of the prolific producers career which started more than two decades ago. Opening with the eerie, dystopian "Live-Intro 2016" which only has been used in less than a handful of live shows ever and therefore can be considered unheard by the vast majority of Xotox fans out there we're drawn deep into the projects history, best characterized by cuts like "Nullpunkt* Area Kollen Remix" which fuses a super dry, yet banging mechanical rhythm foundation with a simplistic, yet captivating, trancey and surprisingly melodic main motif whereas "Animal" pairs highly compressed brutalist HardTechno with elements of Rave, Rhythm Industrial, classic Trance and a well epic intro sequence for the darkest hours of the night, "Offizium" goes down a lane of tool'ish, full on IndustrialTechno violence whilst "Degeneration" takes the fast lane on the same road, yet decides to go full throttle instead and "It Came From The Dark" takes us back to the days of early 90s Techno put on the circuit by pioneering German labels like Boy Records vibewise just to pick a few favorites here. Essential darkness.

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