Sunday, July 25, 2021

Zoku Metsu - Zoku Metsu [Alrealon Musique 108 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the ever active imprint that is Alrealon Musique on August 6th, 2k21 is "Zoku Metsu", the self-titled album by the group of the same name which drew inspiration from the Japanese word 'zokumetsu' which translates to 'destroy the whole family' and applied this approach to their studio techniques, radically re-arranging and adhering to their love of Krautrock and so-called Berlin School music coming out of 70s Germany. With these influences in mind Zoku Metsu are presenting their new longplay outing, a seven tracks and roughly 39 minutes spanning longplayer that has got more in common with PostRock or misty, all blurred out Shoegazing Metal than with retrofuturistic synth elegies of the past from the very first seconds of the opener "Flower School For Unsuspecting Yakuza" onwards which comes at the listener with thundering war drums and Prog-infused guitars whereas the subsequent "Field Of Swords" presents itself as a true sonic maelstrom of feedbacks before entering complex, stumbling MathRock structures, "Epistemophobia" builds up a freefloating, well monolithic atmosphere as intense and threatening as things can get before "Undulations One" evokes memories of modular drum programming accompanied by somewhat funky guitar twists on a more positive note slowly turning into krautsy, washed out meanderings over the course of the tunes total runtime. Furthermore "Undulations Two" takes the musings of its predecessor towards more dramatic, haunting and hounded uptempo territories, amalgamating gallopping drums, atmospheric dreamscapes and ghostly, desolate guitar solos, "Obituary" feverishly marches forward onto ancient battlefields and the final cut that deals with "Science In 3D" takes on the subject from a highly Psychedelia-infused angle, building up layers and layers of dense, ever tripping, spiralling synths for a highly experimental, surely (Neo)Cosmic closing which is slowly fizzing and crackling out throughout the albums very last minute or so. Well interesting, this.


Blogger HRD said...

I got the vinyl as soon as it came out, so it's been here a few weeks but life has been hectic so I have yet to spin it. I streamed one tune and dug it, but waiting to spin to listen to the rest. Guitarist Ron Anderson puts out very interesting, experimental stuff.

Cheers, Tom

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