Saturday, July 17, 2021

Pleasure - Saint Albans [Disasters By Choice Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Disasters By Choice imprint on July 21st, 2k21 is "Saint Albans", the latest longplay outing cooked up by the Sydney-based trio named Pleasure. Condensing down a mere 20 (!!!) hours of material recorded unrehearsed and improvised over the course of three days in October of 2k19 into nine tracks of 38 minutes total playtime the project caters a playful, warm take on what might be best described as TripHop / DopeBeat-infused live Electronica with a well organic twist, partially drifting into complex and haunted polyrhythmic territories like in "Be Yourself Harder 191012" with its ever spiralling, captivating low-end and heavy drum explosions or the clearly Dub-infused "Taste Mouth 191013" whereas the dark'ish, nightly "Breathe In 191012" brings associations like Morr Music, Jan Jelinek as well the Moritz Von Oswald Trio to mind, "Sublimation 101014" pairs Illbient with calming, melancholia-inducing melodies, "Slurp 191013" harks back to a DopeBeat attitude once again and the totally unedited "Brain Waste 191013" presents itself as an essential deep listening amalgamation of Dub basslines and stripped down Post-PostRock just to name a few favorites here. Good stuff, this.´Get.


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