Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Rdeca Raketa - ...And Cannot Reach The Silence [Ventil Records 026 Promo]

Scheduled for release on August 4th, 2k21 via Ventil Records as the labels 026 - later to be followed by a special edition on Maja Osojnik's very own Mamka Records as its 004 - is "...And Cannot Reach The Silence", the very debut album by the duo Redeca Raketa comprised of named Maja Osjnik and Matija Schellander. With the title of the album translating as 'red rocket' and an overall conceptual approach dealing with non- and parallel mis-communication in todays multi-layered and partly parallel - a.k.a. #irl and digital - society as well as the overall theme of violence the duo caters a three tracks and roughly 34 minutes spanning firstling opening with the cold, futuristic piece "The Night Is Spilling Across The Room" which pairs hypertense DarkAmbient atmospheres with slow Electronica rhythm signatures, trademark bleeps and vocals as longing and Blues-infused as they might ever get, bleeding through from different, probably hypertech-focused timeline before drifting off into an intense, highly compressed realm of Industrial Electronica. The subsequent cut "The Gasoline" provides a grinding, ever shifting collage of various interfering, non-interlocking Illbient rhythms built from mechanical, robotic and industrial foundsounds accompanied by an intense SpokenWord performance before "Waiting It Out" is built on a slowly morphing electrical drone - think of Muslimgauze on the label back in the day - interrupted by various sequences of barrage fire blown over from afar, grinding, tectonic Noize bursts as well as static / atmospheric noise, disintegrating vocal fragments and, once again, sci-fi related upsweeps as well as intense laser gun / phaser bleeps, all falling together in a dense and tense athmospheric manner that makes this album an essential listening experience for this single track alone. Get.


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