Wednesday, July 14, 2021

WE3 - WE3 [Aut Records 072]

Released on May 24th, 2k21 via the ever active Italian imprint Aut Records is the ten tracks and 65 minutes spanning self-titled debut album by WE3, a new musical triumvirate formed by Francesco Chiapperino, Luca Pissavini and Stefano Grasso which are combining classic instruments with synths and other electronic devices within their music. With the full album recorded within one day in April of 2k19 the three artists carve out a storming, captivating landscape from the very first bars of the opener "England" onwards which, in some sense, takes us far up north to the highlands, presenting itself in a comforting, yet somewhat raw and rugged manner before "Ben Morse" seems to sonically depict a nightly, inward looking, yet tumultous and FreeJazz-infused exploration into one's inner philosophical core whereas "Kirchhoff's Wave" dabbles with melancholia in (Future)Jazz, building up towards a stark climax relying on ever meandering sax lines before "Lights On A Satellite" put eerie, slightly reprocessed violins in the mix which do perfectly match the tunes tender background drums, evoking memories of Bugge Wesseltoft's "New Conceptions Of Jazz"-series of long time ago. The subsequent "Horizons" sees WE3 pushing dancefloors with a spine-tingling, uptempo Jazz vibe for espionage movies and highly dramatic chase scenes, "Only Theme" even seems to draw influences from calm, meandering PostRock meets expressive FutureJazz variations before "Vife" is as panoramic and free floating as a large American river delta on a calm hot summer afternoon. Furthermore "6's And 7's" slowly builds up from tender, minimalistic beginnings to thundering, complex drum rolls and elaborate sax lines, "Lights On A Satellite *Set Version" provides a livelier, shimmering variation of the original tune and the final bonus track "Impro On A Satellite Theme" weighs in exactly that, a playful, lightweight and frolicking, yet dramatic improvisation for a closing.

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