Friday, September 03, 2021

Dark Star Safari - Walk Through Lightly [Arjunamusic Records Test Press]

Scheduled for release via Arjunamusic Records on September 24th, 2k21 is "Walk Through Lightly", the sophomore album outing put together by Jan Bang, Erik Honore, Eivind Aarset, Samuel Rohrer and John Derek Bishop which are employing the name of Dark Star Safari for their sonic musings and sound safaris. Together, the five musicians embark on a ten track journey into sparse, nightly and inward looking Leftfield Pop and - due to the albums overall stripped down nature - Post-SynthPop, oftentimes led by Jan Bang's sonorous, yet tender and longing vocal performance, surely infused by elements of Dub, Downbeat and intimate Viennese FutureJazz which are especially prevalent in cuts like "Portraits Of You" or the subsequent "Measured" based only on vocals and late night atmospheres accompanied by occasional low end pulses and crackling noises whereas "Invocations" presents a minimalistic mixture of Depeche Mode in their most tender moments, Blixa Bargeld and slightly kitsch-dripping 80s bedroom vibes, sax included, and "Passover" might even provide a perfect closing tune for highly advanced Dub dancefloors just to pick a few favorites here. Music to accompany - or interrupt - long thoughtful candlelight conversations, music to fall or remain silent to, music for deep latenight thoughts, peaty alkohol or even, for those who can handle it, a few sips of absinth. Well beautiful.


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