Saturday, September 04, 2021

Kaspar - MFD [Lab'ut 001 Promo]

Put on the circuit only today via the seemingly freshly launched Lab'ut imprint is "MFD", the most recent longplay outing created by French composer and sound artist Yerri-Gaspar Hummel a.k.a. Kaspar. With the album title supposedly being the appreviation for 'Music For Dance' we see Kaspar exploring a certainly loop- and cut-up based angle on, at least partially, rhythmic electronic music over the course of thirteen tracks and a total of 62 minutes playtime which is informed not by DJ friendly dancefloor functionality but rather by electroacoustic experimentation and an interest in the rhythms of everyday objects - and bees, due to Mr. Hummel's experience in beekeeping. This being said "MFD" offers a wide-ranged listening experience with cuts like "Toupies" amalgamating spine-tingling sci-fi atmospheres with modular Acid bleeps, the subsequent "R.aube" is following up with a dark and brooding mechanical or even robotic sonic structure which will surely resonate with highly advanced dancefloors filled with folks well versed in the Clicks'n'Cuts genre, tracks like "Lueur" or "(F)ragile Territories" weigh in more of a collage'esque, Musique Concrete related approach due to their use of extensively processed Field Recordings whilst "Dialog" offers icey winds, droning sirens and crackling surface noise, the brooding, yet minimalist "Point De Rencontre" summons lovecraftian horrors whereas the metallic reverberations and unsettling sonic shifts of "Fragment" could be recorded straight at the heart of toxic methane swamps found on an hostile exoplanet far far away in another galaxy just to name a few. Thrilling and therefore recommended.


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