Saturday, October 16, 2021

Robert Takahashi Crouch - Jubilee [Room40]

Scheduled for release on October 15th, 2k21 via Australia's Room40 label is "Jubilee", the new album produced and conceived by Los Angeles-based artist Robert Takahashi Crouch who caters a menu of three extended Drone works on this 38 minutes spanning longplay piece. Influenced by and paying homage to significant events in Crouch's personal life and therefore of very personal intimate nature as well as - not only titlewise - dealing with the concept of judeo-christian "Jubilee" being a tradition of forgiveness the album starts on an intense, monumental and somewhat even klaxon'esque tip when it comes to "A Ritual" which, due to its brooding and even slightly omninous nature, could probably even announce heavenly judgement and cleansing to come whereas "I've Been Part Of Evil Doing" presents more of a calm and glacial, almost ethereal take on stripped down Ambient minimalism for inward-looking self-reflection whereas the concluding "Reconciliation" provides inner peace indeed, weighing in the most melodic and classic angle on Ambient music on this album which will likely be appreciated by those following artists like Cass. and the likes of which are known and loved for their soothing, ever meandering streams of sonic goodness by many genre aficionados these days.


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