Thursday, December 16, 2021

Günter "Baby" Sommer / Fabrizio Puglisi - Elements [Aut Records 076]

Another fresh one released via the Italian avantgarde imprint that is Aut Records on November 29th, 2k21 is "Elements", the first full on collaboration album carved out by Günter "Baby" Sommer and Fabrizio Puglisi after numerous live encounters and on stage performances over the course of the better part of the past decade. Based on a foundation of drums and percussion laid out by Sommer with additional layers of piano, toys and objects brought into the mix by Fabrizio Puglisi the duo creates a total of 12 new pieces within roughly 59 minutes playtime which are covering a sonic spectrum reaching from raw, primordial and Tribal-infused like the opener "Elements: Air" to the swinging, lightweight, yet complex Piano Jazz vibes of the subsequent "Pannonica / Bemsha Swing / Off Minor" and a playful approach to longing, yet tongue-in-cheek minimalism to be found in "Hitu" whereas the following block of "Fünf Miniaturen" caters an array of five short miniatures / sketches ranging from deep and atmospheric to highly playful, frolicking and even giddy ("#2") explorations. Furthermore "Elemens: Water" stretches the definition of Jazz into the realm of close-up x near-field Field Recordings and haunted, scraping minimalist textures whereas  "Elements: Earth", the final one of the title trilogy, takes the stripped down, somewhat ominous approach of its predecessor to a fever'ish, slightly Tribal level which makes it a suitable soundtrack for certain rituals and the attempt to summon ancient demons whilst "White Christmas" starts out on a tender and festive note only to tip off into a dramatic, highly dynamic exercise in Improv / FreeJazz madness and the concluding "Passion Flower" rounds things off with an extended trip into late night Piano Jazz for a closing before speeding things up once again in what seems to be a hidden track. A well varied album, this.

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