Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Inhum'Awz - Colibri EP [Sneja Recordings Promo]

Released via the South African label Sneja Recordings on September 21st, 2k21 is the "Colibri EP", a digital five track single cooked up in the studio by the French duo that is Inhum'Awz. Opening with the title track "Colibri" the two producers explore a realm of well functional, slightly (Neo)Trance-infused TechHouse sprinkled with a bit of a mystical notion whereas the subsequent remix crafted by noone less than The D3VI7 takes things to another level, introducing a heavy, bubbling 90s-leaning Acid line to the mix which is as hypnotic and dark as classic productions by the Brotherhood Of Structure. Furthermore "Ginko" sees the frenchmen amalgamating carefully sculpted, yet hard pumping drums with intricate, floating complex string works, prominent snares and cut-up vocal samples for the late night (Tech)House crew, "Ara Hyacinthe" is as tropical as its title might sound with its novelty Reggae offbeat meets TechHouse approach and ever moving filters whereas the concluding cut named "Bacchus" weighs in an ultimately sexy House groove topped by spiralling, ever so slightly shifting synth organs for an intro sequence before replacing the original bassdrum with a sharper, more prominent one and adding loads of MinimalTechno-inspired elements which unfortunately water down the original cuts fascination. One track which would've better split into two different ones, this.


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