Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Francesco Baiguera - Post Jazz Chamber Music [Aut Records 078]

The next fresh album release put out on the circuit via the Italian Aut Records imprint on December 13th, 2k21 is "Post Jazz Chamber Music", the pretty much self-descriptive x self-explanatory longplay piece thought up by composer Francesco Baiguera. Recorded and realized with the help of fellow musicians Massimiliano Milesi, Daniele Richiedei and Giulio Corini the seven tracks and 38 minutes spanning journey into "Post Jazz Chamber Music" explores a muscial realm defined by electric guitar, tenor sax, violin and drums as well as a well intimate recording approach which brings forward a beautiful approach to melancholia and Jazz Noir prevalent in the albums opener "Heavy Blue" which sets the tone for all things to come like the most tender "Beauty Through Clouds", the decent, twangy Swing of  "Never So Close" or the repeated classy variations of a classic Jazz main motif brought forward atop a decent minimalist rhythm signature in "Intermezzo". Furthermore "Abstract Thoughts" provides more emotionally touching late night melancholia garnished with intimate romanticism whereas "Istantanea" is following on a similar, yet more dynamic - and dramatic - path before the final cut that is "Postlude" amalgamates a certain yen and sadness for a closing. If deep, somewhat spiritual Contemporary Jazz is your thing this album might well speak to you.

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