Monday, December 27, 2021

Moritz Anthes - Von Einem Der Viele [Umland Records 047]

Incoming from Essen's ever active Jazz- & Avantgarde-imprint Umland Records only recently is "Von Einem Der Viele", the December 19th, 2k21 released album by trombone player Moritz Anthes who's presenting a new and innovative conceptual approach to his instrument. To achieve and follow through with this goal and approach we see Moritz Anthes splitting the album in two parts with the first seven pieces being solo works - both composed and improvised - performed by the artist himself, offering a sonic angle on his instrument of choice ranging from repetetive, yet continuously shifting variations of a certain tonal sequence in "Tans" to captivating dronings in "Lop" whilst "Flatt" opens with a sequence of unexpectedly noisy eruptions and alarming, partly microtonal outbursts to accompany the imminent apocalypse and "Bien-Larm" fully enters the realm of microtonal x close up recordings with its near field crackles and icy air flows just to name a few. The second part of the album, also comprised of seven pieces, features a array of remixes created by the likes of Achim Zepezauer, Julia Brüssel, Kai Niggemann and others which are using the raw material of Anthes' recordings to create new re-imagined works of spaced out, retrofuturist qualities ("Tans Remix Final 1.2."), dabble with nightly Dark Ambient x Electronica fusion pieces ("Hekk Remix"), turn Mr. Anthes' solo works into thrilling layers of computational bleeps ("Platt_Remix_V2") probably created with the help of a modular x eurorack system, bring forth dramatic reverberating Jazz arangemenets of score'esque qualities ("Moritz-Remix-Studd") as well as heavy, Field Recording- meets Industrial Noize-leaning workouts to be found in "Bien-Larm Remix" amongst others with the last mentioned probably being our favorite pieces on the album for a reason. Good stuff, this. Also recommended to fans and collectors of Lovecraft'ian horrors for its artwork, too.


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