Saturday, February 19, 2022

Lagowski - Secrets Of Numbers [Zoharum 198]

Incoming via mail from UK-based producer Andrew Lagowski a.k.a. Lagowski only recently is "Secrets Of Numbers", the April 2020 released album by the long-standing figure who's been on the electronic music circuit since 1982 and has been invlvd into other musical ventures even before that. Released on the Polish imprint that is Zoharum we see Lagowski venturing into various forms of electronic dance music on this ten tracks and 76 minutes spanning longplayer, starting out with the polished chrome take on complex futuristic UK Techno named "RUR", progressing further into dark and brooding, claustrophobic sci-fi Electro territories with the hyper-tense "Bomkele" whilst "Pulse" represents the playful, yet clean and polyrhythmic side of all things IDM and even evokes memories of early Plaid and the likes of. With "Huhu 5 Mix 1b" we're drawn straight into the very heart of a bleak, neon-lit underground Techno dancefloor of questionable legality located at least three storeys beneath street level, "Fimber" stays well in the (UK)Techno lane yet shifts gears both in tempo and intensity, employing a minimalist and somewhat Industrial-informed attitude whereas the subsequent "CreepOhmski" and its dramatic synth intro harks back to a vibe representing both early 90s Techno and the late 80s NuBeat scene to a certain extent, with its - well... - creepy, outerworldly vocal re-processings sending shivers down every punter spine before "Rotator's View" weighs in quite a bit of expertly sculpted, stripped down ElectroPhonk for those specifically appreciating a certain variety of TechnoJazz once pioneered by the likes of Steve Stoll and - to a lesser extent - even Cari Lekebusch. See his 1996-released "Tracks & Fragments" 12" on Loop Records for a reference. Furthermore with "Huhu 3 Mix 1e" we're back on the dancefloor, losing our souls to the dark side whilst stomping away to a seemingly endless meandering string of minimalist Desolation Techno, "Birth" takes Bass Music-infused ElectroPhonk to a new level with its highly syncopated rhythm signatures and anthemic synth motif whilst the concluding cut that is "Time Is An Abyss" slowly, yet relentlessly drills down into the darkest, most ominous vaults hidden deep within your soul, ready to unleash your innermost demons through extended sonic surgery and atmospheric ultraphonk operations. Recommended. Get.


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