Monday, March 21, 2022

Autopsia - In Vivo [Korm Plastics D]

Put out on the cassette tape circuit via Korm Plastics D on September 7th, 2k21 is "In Vivo", a limited to 100 copies reissue of the 1988 formerly self-released tape album of the same name by Autopsia which also saw an official Dutch release via Korm Plastics as well as via Sound Of Pig in the United States later that year. Back once again after a mere 33 years after undergoing a process of audio restauration executed by Radboud Mens we see the 'God' side coming at as us with raw, sample heavy Industrial cuts like the well fascinating, hypnotic and sample heavy "Fist Fuck" or the well claustrophic, yet certainly also dramatic and theatrical "Kissing Jesus In The Dark" which still is able to unleash a feeling of doom and apocalypse upon faint-hearted listeners, not unlike the even more alarming, and more extended, Rhythm Industrial-leaning dancefloor pieces to be found on this side of the tape. Furthermore the flipside which includes cuts like "Scars Of Europa (live)", "11th Enochian Key" or "Does The Knife Cry When It Enters The Body" sees Autopsia on a less noisy, yet more musically defined tip ranging from mechanical dancefloor rhythms to what could be defined as subaquatic Proto-IDM / Proto-Electronica accompanied by solemn background choirs hidden deep within the mix, brutal and certainly ultra-militant sonic adventures as well as what could be described as AFX'esque dreamscapes turning into alarming horrors alongside more highly dramatic, almost cinematographic compositions which provide a perfect, defo not outdated, soundtrack for the new cold war era we've seemingly entered recently.  Recommended.

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