Tuesday, March 01, 2022

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2k22

01. NO MORE - Suicide Commando [El Caballo Semental 002]
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02. baze.djunkiii - Booty [Intrauterin Tapes 010]
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03. The Irresistible Force vs. Ramjac Corporation - Live At The Brain 1990 [Musique Pour La Danse 035]
What a trip this is. Back in 1990 when electronic dance music reached an early peak and especially before breaking off and out into a gazillion defined sub-branches and -genres the two producers Morris Gould a.k.a. Mixmaster Morris a.k.a. The Irresistible Force and Paul Chivers a.k.a. Ramjac Corporation paired up for a conjunctional hardware run live gig at the legendary AcidHouse venue known as The Brain, merging the echoes of AcidHouse with all forms of freeform Rave beyond any stylistic borders, trippy samples, Ambient- / Braindance-leaning soundscapes, elements of ProtoTrance and even early Breakbeat Hardcore elements and an attitude of on the spot go-with-the-flow creation which provides a fine musical time capsule of early rave spirit still valuable today which also contains a sweet little homage to one of Orbital's greatest hits of this era - recognizable only for those in the know. A journey down memory lane accompanied by excellent liner notes provided by author Joe Muggs and Brain promoter Sean Mc Lusky. Get. Not only for historic reasons.

04. Brainwaltzera - Itsame [Film 007 Testpressing]
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