Saturday, February 26, 2022

Trupa Trupa - B Flat A [Glitterbeat Promo]

Coming straight outta Gdansk, Poland are Trupa Trupa, a long standing band formation who're now back with their new album named "B Flat A" which has been released via Glitterbeat on February 11th, 2k22. With their new body of work, consisting of eleven new songs rolled out over the course of 38 minutes, beginning to form when and after a scheduled US-tour was cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the four piece band manifests another intriguing evolution of their already dense and vastly intense musical vision formed and informed by a relentless, thundering drum foundation and washed out, oftentimes reverberating guitar layers of doom accompanied by vocals deeply embedded within the overall mixdown yet adds a next level of threatening claustrophobia in pieces like the hammering, marching "Twitch" with its overwhelming wall-of-sound attitude whereas other bits like "Uniforms" uncover and explore a surprisingly Leftfield Pop x Indie x Shoegaze sensitivity whilst slightly psychedelic lo-fi ballads like "Lit" evoke memories of Augsburg's most missed Dhyana Records imprint, even progress further into cloudy, slow Beat(les)-informed Psychedelia only to come full circle with the Industrial-reminiscent, dystopian Funk-infused bleakness of "Uselessness" before rounding things off with a kind of whispering post-apocalyptic Wasteland x Desert Blues attitude in the concluding title track which, regarding certain events taking place throughout the past days, might turn out a way more suitable soundtrack for a new cold war era than Trupa Trupa ever imagined it to be. Check.


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