Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Lydian Dunbar - Blue Sleep [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release on April 29th, 2k22 via the Room40 label is "Blue Sleep", the latest solo album effort created by Australian artist x composer Lydian Dunbar, also known and recognized for his work with the group / project Tralala Blip. Inspired by a day of surfing and chilling at the Byron Bay area Dunbar set out to captivate his state of mind experienced in this eight tracks and roughly 41 minutes spanning album, taking us on a journey into a realm of slowly, yet continuously evolving sonic textures from the rather brooding and DarkAmbient leaning drones of the opener "Dust Motor Reduction" onwards, followed by the comforting, slightly washed out harmonics of the title track as well as the rather intense and enormous tectonic shifts of "A Whale Is Dreaming Me" to the glistening, slightly off-kilter and yet calming, angelic Ambient vibe of "Beach Shelter". Furthermore Dunbar's well minimalist "Sky Hum" provides a feeling of undisturbed peace like the sound of a small plane crossing clear blue skies somewhere in a far distance, "Dust Motor Full" provides a more unsettling (Un)Ambient vibe set by granular distortion and a maelstrom of icy, ever twisted and tormented synth harmonies to be found hidden deep within the mix whilst the "Soft Fingers Of The Monster" weigh in the most harmonic and melodic approach towards what could almost be described as slightly washed out Ambient before the closing cut that is "Ballina Breakwall" fully immerses itself in a sustained widescreen variation of Deep Listening Music for a well comforting finish. One for all the die-hard Ambient headz out there.


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