Thursday, April 21, 2022

Egil Kalman - Kingdom Of Bells: Emil Kalman Plays The Synthi 100 [Ideal Recordings Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Swedish imprint Ideal Recordings on May 1st, 2k22 is "Kingdom Of Bells: Emil Kalman Plays The Synthi 100", the forthcoming ten track album outing by Swedish artist x composer Emil Kalman. Recorded over the course of his 2019 artist residency spent at the Contemporary Music Research Center in Athens, Greece the 38 minutes spanning longplayer solely focuses on the sound of the rare, and well famed, modular synthesizer known as Synthi 100 recorded in stereo with no additional overdubs or reprocessing which, given that the highly complex instrument was mainly developed and first built in the early 70s, immediately invokes a massive sonic flashback within the listener with pieces like the opener "Cloudless Daybreak", the super soft and tender repetitions of "Lyra" alongside the frolicking "Yellowhammer Pt. 2" evoking memories of somewhat naive and unscathed Krautrock futurisms whereas bits like the almost naturalistic, Field Recording-mimicking "Yellowhammer Pt. 1" as well as the somewhat swampy and elastic minimalism in "Iannis" bring sound research labs like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to mind which, most fittingly, got their, albeit modified, EMS Synthi 100 as an early delivery back in 1970. File under: beautifully retrofuturist soundscapes for those in the know.


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