Friday, April 22, 2022

Jörg Zemmler - Piano Bar [self-released]

It is always a great thing when artists decide to take it upon themselves to release their own music instead of relying on labels and their infrastructure and this is exactly what Italo Austrian piano player Jörg Zemmler did, once again, with his new album "Piano Bar". Put out on the circuit on April 16th, 2k22 the ten tracks and roughly 38 minutes spanning longplayer sees the 1975-born artist take on an analogue wall piano supported by digital live loops and sustain without additional editing or processing in the studio, providing an improvised, yet well structured and surely Modern Classical- x Contemporary Classical-informed approach towards what could be, in a most praising and endorsing manner, described as most valuable and perfectly executed Easy Listening music with its melodic swells, partial melancholia, stripped down, inward looking romanticisms ("Blinzeln"), varied and slightly meandering repetitions of one singular motif accompanied by glistening background atmospheres for rainy Sunday afternoon sessions ("Verschanzt"), hypnotic, yet also dramatically cascading moments found in "Hinterrücks" and proper (Neo)Classical exercises in fast finger movements manifesting in "mc2" for a change just to name a few. If the sound of an - almost natural - solo piano is your jam this is one album to make you feel well at home.


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