Sunday, April 24, 2022

Ilitch - PTM Works 2 [Trace Label 057]

Scheduled for release via the French Trace Label imprint on May 3rd, 2k22 is "PTM Works 2", the new album outing by the long standing group / project named Ilitch which has shrunken down to being a duo effort by Patrick and Thierry Müller these days despite providing a home for a variety of artists since its first longplay inception in 1978. Within a total of 14 compositions the two brothers tackle the reality of their ordinary childhood which is falsely depicted as happy in the family pictures the two shared on the 7" triple gatefold cover over the course of roughly 74 minutes. Yet, diving into their shared work as Ilitch we see the two brothers indulging in a world of (Neo)Cosmic gloom from the opening sequence of "Robert & Robert" onwards, a piece perfectly matching the eerie, uneasy vibe of the albums back cover in its ominous movements akin to highly abstract, microscopic Progressive x Psychedelic Rock even which finds its darker, more PostRock- / Doom-leaning continuation in the subsequent "La Faculte Du Sombre" whereas "Reve Et Reality" provides a glimpse of hope with its slightly naive, fluttering and fragmented, ever evolving synth motif before "Le Cauchemars De Nois Choix" pairs thrilling, ever buzzing electronic movements with an emotional piano line for a change. Furthermore "Vos Desibs Sont Nos Angoisses" acts as a blueprint of Dark Ambient within a score'esque sci-fi setting, "Reminiscence" applies a similar vibe within a Rhythm Industrial context whilst adding longing, yet somewhat desolate electric guitar layers to the mix, "Le Syndrome De Stendhal" once again harks back to modular, nocturnal Dark Ambient / Deep Listening Music textures whereas "Il N'a Que Le Casino Qui Cagne" amalgamates deep outerworldly dub FX and a simple, lo-fi keyboard melody to a fascinating effect whilst "Dresse Sur Les Eaux De L'Ennui" takes minimal, Blues-infused PostRock to a new atmospheric level just to name a few. Defo a well thrilling and highly recommended affair, this. Get.


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