Saturday, April 30, 2022

Sirom - The Liquified Throne Of Simplicity [Glitterbeat / Tak:til Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the Glitterbeat Records offspring known as Tak:til on April 8th, 2k22 is "The Liquified Throne Of Simplicity", the fourth ever full length album conceived by the Slovenenian trio Sirom and their third longplayer for the label since their first appearance in 2k17. Comprised of the artistic triple of Ana Kravanja, Iztok Koren and Samo Kution Sirom once again are diving deep into a realm described as 'imaginery Folk' in the accompanying press release, presenting a total of five vastly extended pieces stretched out over the course of 77+ minutes, drawing inspiration from the rich history of their Slovenian motherland as well as echoes of echoes of traditional music native to Southeastern Europe and the Balkan region to create a dreamlike voyage through seemingly endless sonic realms of natural beauty, formed by dense layers of krautsy rhythms, sustained drones created by both wind and string instruments, a certain fever'ish un-reality and slightly blurred or washed out textures, a stream of tender and beautiful Folk meets (Neo)Classical fusion works with almost Asian implementations when it comes to "Gazes, Wrinkles, Drifts Into Sleep" as well as spaced out minimal Desert PostRock of somewhat haunting quality ("A Bluish Flickering"), frolicking, folksy and somewhat even trance-inducing Desert Blues / Abstract Americana vibes and other goodness which makes "The Liquified Throne Of Simplicity" probably one of the most interesting releases on Tak:til so far. Check.


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