Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 33 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes Promo]

Yes, he's back. Dr. NoiseM, one of the most elusive and secretive underground Noize x Cold Ambient producers within the already very niche scene, provides us with a new longplay outing, the thirty-third volume of his ongoing 'Studio Works' series. Opening with "xxxx2" the long standing sound bender dives deep into calm, nocturnal and hyperminimal Ambient accompanied by earth shaking low end rumbles on the brink of the audible spectrum before the follow up that is "Bold System" provides the exact opposite with a grinding, yet strangely harmonic and comforting wall of digital feedback Noize that stretches over the course of 18+ minutes whereas "My Bold" picks up on a similar, yet more brutalist approach in its attempt to slowly grind your soul to bits and "Batmans Cave", once again, harks back to the artists trademark use of haunting respiratory sounds, this time in combination with angelic, glistening and outerworldly non-vocalisms as well as icy swaths of vantablack darkness blown over from afar. Furthermore "Burn In Hell" tells tales of unseen sonic horrors and well bent, off-kilter midrange modulations of obviously interdimensional origin appealing only to the headstrong, "Die Annäherung Des Mutterschiffes" is more of a buzzing and electric affair which is surely applicable to provide a sense of imminent danger and hostility in a sci-fi score context, "HNW" re-introduces the icy, spatial and somewhat angelic, solemn minimalism oftentimes present in Dr. NoiseM's work ever since the artist first emerged on the the scene before the final piece "Post Mortem" weighs in a short take on eerie, hyperminimalist textures for a closing. You know the score.


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