Monday, May 02, 2022

Replica Ghost - An American Movie [self-released]

Coming in via mail from the former capital of Western Germany, Bonn, only recently is "An American Movie", the latest and self-released album by Turkish producer Ergün Aktürk a.k.a. Replica Ghost who realized this roughly 58 minutes spanning longplay outing with the help of long-standing Cologne-based producer Robert Feuchtl a.k.a. Bob Humid. Put out on the circuit on March 18th, 2k22 the twelve tracks, or better: songs, featured on "An American Movie" are covering a musical ark ranging from heavy Rock x BigBeat fusion bits for fans of massive riffs, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or even Björk's raw alltime classic "Army Of Me", electronically fused Grunge x Metal crossovers, vocals informed by dramatically bored 90s Alternative x Leftfield Pop singers, wall-of-sound production techniques and still unmatched muscial phenomena like Pop Will Eat Itself whereas singular tunes like "Blue Me Blue You" are fusing Bob Humid's Drum'n'Bass / Breakbeat history with lighter, slightly psychedelic vintage aesthetics once employed by the likes of Towa Tei, Cornelius or Pizzicato Five. Furthermore we do find hints of smoked out SynthPop with a Marlene Dietrich'esque twist, 4-2-the-floor based IndieDance / NuRave efforts as well as surprisingly tender and dreamy Indietronica / PostRock ballads ("Flora & Fauna"), well seductive late night Pop ("Raw Chocolate"), tripped out Madchester Rave variations and more which make "An American Movie" an interesting and well diverse yet also hard to grasp body of work due its sheer sonic variety and versatility with multiple dedicated listening sessions needed to unlock all its level.


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