Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Sebastiano De Gennaro - Musica Razionale [19'40'' 017 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the subscription-based Italian label that is 19'40'' on April 17th, 2k22 as their seventeeth release is "Musica Rationale", the latest full length album effort by Italian composer and percussionist Sebastiano De Gennaro - and his his sixth album in total he provided for the label since it launched back in 2016. Referring to the idea of music in a broader sense than just being made up out of sonic events but rather being defined by its form, logic and structure De Gennaro bases the six compositions on this 36 minutes spanning longplay piece solely on the examination and so-called sonification of mathematical phenomena with each one and its properties being introduced by Fabio Punzo, Professor of Mathematical Analysis at the Department of Mathematics at Milano's Politecnico. Following this highly conceptual and intellectual approach and presentation the music of "Musica Razionale" is both highly abstract yet surprisingly fascinating and funky when it comes to the self-generating, advanced IDM dancefloor suitable "Congettura Collatz" whilst resembling dramatic exoplanetary Future Tribal in the subsequent "Lo Shu" whereas "12 Facce" provides beautiful, yet timid and skittish melodic fragments well suitable to accompany the entrance of any faerie or other mystical, yet playful, curious and friendly creature in a fictional audio-visual or probably even audio-only context. Furthermore the "Farey Sequence" oozes a certain uneasy and well uncanny vibe evoking future memories of the very moment before a large scale AI experiment starts to get out of hand and therefore fully gains consciousness, the "Ulam Numbers" present an ever meandering, never fully repeating set of sonic additions resulting in a fascinating, multilayered soundcape of polyrhythms which even evolve towards a somewhat jazzy audio narritave over the course of tunes total runtime before "Numeri Malvagi" turns the concept of symmetry and infinity into a crystalline take on mechanical, robotic ProtoIndustrial of sorts to provide a well thought provoking - and finally spaced out - piece for a closing. Fascinating. Recommended.


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