Thursday, May 26, 2022

TMR - Tuscany Music Revolution [Aut Records 081]

Scheduled for release on June 13th, 2k22 as 081 of the ever active Aut Records label is TMR's "Tuscany Music Revolution", the latest album outing by the multi-headed Italian artist collective comprised of prominent names like Alberto Braida, Virginia Sutero and Ermanno Novali amongst many others. With a total of eight subsequently numbered pieces rolled out over the course of roughly 46 minutes, all recorded live throughout the ensembles artistic residence in Buonconvento. TMR explore a musical space located right within the grey area between FreeJazz, FreeImprov and what could be seen as a very broad take of what Modern Classical x Contemporary Classical music could be in 2k22, with this aspect being especially prevalent in the albums calmer, deeper and more melodic sequences with instruments and their individual lines of movement carefully intertwined, partially even dabbling with a certain kind of melancholia and x or romanticism for set intervals whereas other pieces drift off into a whirlwind of frantic, fever'ish percussion, provide complex, fascinating Jazz arrangements which bring on some Latin-influenced late night heat as well as highly dramatic and certainly cinematic movements in pieces like "IV" which might be our personal favorite on this entire album. If you're thinking about diving deeper into real time improvisation this longplay effort might provide a proper starting point due to its diversity and versatile execution.


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