Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Akustikkoppler - Alles Muss Raus [Block 4]

Coming in straight from the offices of Malte Steiner's Aalborg-based label Block 4 is "Alle Muss Raus", the latest full length album effort by electronic duo Akustikkoppler which is a collaborational joint venture project comprised of Mr. Steiner himself in cooperation with producer Matthias Schuster. Put out on the circuit on April 22nd, 2k22 as a limited edition of 300 translucent vinyl copies the ten tracks spanning longplayer sees the duo exploring a wide range of sonic variations spanning an ark from dry, raw and slightly lo-fi leaning Electro and ElectroPhonk for fans of Luke Eargoggle and the likes of to rather agitated Industrial-leaning peaktime bangorz like "Mitnahmequalität", streams of eerie atmospheric darkness to be found in on the "Heimweg" ('way home' for all non-German speakers) as well as IDM x Braindance x Drill'n'Bass-informed lo-fi madness ("Mittenmang") whereas tunes like "Baustellenradio" provide surprisingly uplifting Electro vibes, "Glaslappen" indulges in gooey, dark'ish modulation excesses whilst "Dinge, Die Unter Dem Tisch Lagen" is a strong contender for one of the best track titles ever in the history of electronic music just to name a few. Good stuff. Recommended.


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