Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Le Un - Le Havre [UnRec. 211]

Put out on the circuit on May 1st, 2k22 via the French imprint that is UnRec. is "Le Havre", the latest album effort conceived by the large scale ensemble that is Le Un, a cooperation comprised of 24 - !!! - active musicians x instrumentalists which provide a set of five pieces over the course of roughly 65 minutes, all of them named "Unite Nodale" with an additional, yet not subsequently provided, numeral attached to the actual piece. Employing a wide range of instruments including accordeon, electric guitar, alto sax, electric guitar, voice, rotating surfaces, electronics and more the musical universe of Le Un revolves around a shrieking, intense, vantablack and oftentimes atmospherically overwhelming understanding of Avantgarde and Free Improvisation reminiscing of a secret congregation of utmost alien, multi-tentacled entities conversing by the means of unspoken and previously unheard of, utterly abstract and incomprehensible utterings, panning out a conspiracy of sorts, acting suspiciously and beyond any form of governmental control, surrounded by bustling miniature lifeforms trans- and emitting streams of hypercascading information patterns at all and any times, turning the entire scene into a whirling, flickering, buzzing and ever pulsating sphere of sonic density that lies way ahead of what most ppl might be able to process without their brains exiting into an emergency overload mode. For fans of: FreeJazz, Noize and HyperImprov.

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