Friday, June 03, 2022

Jarr - Talking About X [Sound In Silence 091]

Another fresh release brought to us by the Greek Sound In Silence-imprint is "Talking About X" which is the first album recorded for the imprint by their newest addition to their roster, Jarr. Comprised of Jon Attwood a.k.a. Yellow6 as well as Ray Robinson who's operating under the artistic guise of Wodwo their label debut, released on April 15th, 2k22, is a roughly 49 minutes spanning affair incorporating a total of nine pieces which interestingly all start with "The One Who..." as the first half of their actual title. But this conceptual, and well interesting..., approach to naming titles aside we see Attwood and Robinson embarking on a journey into the realms of deep and droning, washed out and surely Ambient-infused Post-PostRock and highly atmospheric Desert Blues / Desert Rock, drifting along dusty roads on many a hot summers day and even add slightly twangy, yet slow and tenderly executed guitar melodies to the musical narrative in pieces like "The One With Psychedelic Eyes" whilst bringing forth dreamy, cinematic late night layerings in "The One Who Ghosted You" whereas "The One Who Never Knew" presents a literal wall of sound built from scratch out of distorted, shoegazing feedback drones and echoes and echoes of Psychedelic Rock infusions and "The One Whose Sister Died" is as heartfelt, touching, emotional and melancholia-infused as one might expect it to be after reading its title just to name a few. Defo a dreamy one that well exceeds the labels Ambient realm and is prone to resonate with a well wideranged audience for a reason.

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