Saturday, June 04, 2022

Masked Pickle - 7 [Relative Pitch Records]

Put out on the circuit via Relative Pitch Records on April 8th, 2k22 is "7", the interestingly named six - !!! - track debut album by the trio known as Masked Pickle. Comprised of Clara Weil, Olivia Scemama and Tom Malmendier on vocals, bass and drums in this particular order the group embarks on a roughly 46 minutes spanning journey on this firstling, covering sonic grounds deeply rooted in Avantgarde and FreeImprov with its intense, oftentimes primeval'esque non-vocalisms exploring the more extreme spectrum of what the human voice is able to achieve performance-wise whereas the accompanying musical structures incorporate heavy clatterings, drum excesses, heavy low-end feedbacks and - once again - the fringes of what could be referred to as NoiseRock, extended periods of astoundingly calm electrostatic droning as well as mad violent eruptions going beyond energy levels of PunkRock and Hardcore whilst bits like "300" are dealing with deepest, borderline tectonic Post-PostRock experiments, explore minimalist, sci-fi atmospheres like the mechanical movements and electroacoustic crackles brought forward in "584", laying down the foundation for an ever intensifying NoiseRock crescendo of sorts whereas the concluding cut that is "120" even evokes faint memories of stripped down and experimental Isolationist DesertRock for those few who ever came across this genre. Not for the faint-hearted yet worth exploring, especially for the deeper and hyperminimalist passages to be found on this album.

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