Friday, June 17, 2022

Laurent Pernice & Dominique Beven - Le Corps Utopique [ADN Records]

Released via the Italian avantgarde imprint that is ADN Records on April 22nd, 2k22 is "Le Corps Utopique", the first conjunctional album created by long standing producer x composer Laurent Bernice and and multi-instrumentalist Dominque Beven. Based around the idea and concept of recreating a radio lecture by French philosopher Michel Foucault on a theatrical stage as a dance performance the two artists set out to carve out a soundtrack for said performance piece, soon falling back to an arsenal of wind instruments from all over the globe, a musical specialty and focus of Dominique Beven's work. The result is a roughly 50 minutes long journey throughout a total of 15 sonic images, opening with the intense and dark brooding drone layers of "Montagnes Iointaines" accompanied by mystical flutes of yore followed by the deep, minimalist Future Tribal percussions of "L'Instant d'Apres" whereas pieces like "Le Chant De La Terre (quel malheur est-il ?)" are touching base with tectonic DarkAmbient movements and eerie, nocturnal atmospheres of doom, others like "A L'Arrache" are dabbling with slightly dubbed out DarkJazz whereas "Quelques Meneus Avalanches" provides a spine-tingling score for sci-fi b-movie horrors of sorts and the second to last cut named "Devant Les Murs De Troie" once again returns to subsonic DarkAmbient shiftings accompanied by tense and fever'ish Electronica x Future Tribal rhythm sequences just to name a few. File under: Deep Listening Music for Avantgarde-informed consumers. Go check.

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