Thursday, June 16, 2022

Alexandra Spence - Blue Waves, Green Waves [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release on June 24th, 2k22 via the Australian imprint that is Room40 is "Blue Waves, Green Waves", the latest mini album outing by Sydney's Alexandra Spence who made her label debut back in 2019. With her latest longplay piece rolled out over the course of seven tracks and 24 minutes we see Alexandra Spence focusing on big waters, and especially the Pacific Ocean, as a vast and endless source of inspiration which reflects in elements like a subtle, yet ever present hiss in tunes like "Water Bugs", painting a sonic picture of the sound of surf and waves breaking ashore being blown over from afar as a foundation for the artists whispered Spoken Word fragments and tender atmospheres whereas the "Rock Pool" brings forth a surprisingly fascinating take on crackling minimalisms before the tender pads of "Wind" bring to mind ships horns dampened by dense fog before hovering crystalline tones of almost mythical quality and subtle background warps add a timeless, outerdimensional layer of beauty to this one. Furthermore "Shells" seamlessly continues to follow the path of its predecessor whilst evoking distant memories of works once created by producers like Aube, "Blue Waves" takes nocturnal Ambient melancholia and Deep Listening Music in general to a new level of minimalism whilst "Air Pockets" go deeply subaquatic in terms of stripped down, water-based Electronica experiments whereas the concluding cut that is "Green Waves" approaches things from a warmer, all embracing and most importantly naturalistic angle, once again pairing tender pads and atmospheres with original Field Recordings of small waves and what seem to be slightly reprocessed non-vocalisms for a closing. Beautiful.


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