Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Source - ...But Swinging Doesn't Bend Them Down [Odin Records]

Released via the four+ decades strong Norwegian imprint that is Odin Records on April 29th, 2k22 is "...But Swinging Doesn't Bend Them Down", the latest sonic iteration brought to life by The Source, the Nordic Jazz (and beyond) super group which officially entered the album release circuit back in 1994. Currently operating in a quartet setting comprised of Øyvind Braekke, Trygve Seim, Mats Eilertsen and Per Oddvar Johansen the groups latest longplay outing provides an 68+ minutes journey split into 14 individual compositions covering a range from tense, yet melancholia-infused Jazz Noir with slightly Oriental / EthioJazz influences probably originating from the groups traditional christmas concerts which oftentimes invlvd guest musicians and groups from the Arab world to swinging abstractions atop a fascinatingly complex and ever changing drum foundation ("One Step Further - Three Back"), progressing further into touching, nocturnal territories ("Rubicon" / "Dawn" ), even evokes memories of what could be a Jazz interpretation take on Delta Blues in "Spring Psalm", provides nothing short of a killer Jazz groove in the "Big Shuffle" and even aims at advanced Swing dancefloors with cuts like "Momk" just to name a few. Defo a well matured album effort, this.

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