Sunday, July 10, 2022

Nihiti - Sustained [Lo Bit Landscapes 019]

Released as 019 of the L.A.-based Lo Bit Landscapes imprint on July 7th, 2k22 is "Sustained", the latest longplay effort created by the label staple Nihiti who's been invlvd in the ventures musings ever since 2009. With the latest album being a commissioned work originally created for the 2k20-edition of the American Sustain-Release festival we see longplay piece being rolled out over 43 minutes and a total of three extended compositions. Opening with "Stellar Observer" Nihiti caters a well extended 20+ minutes take on calm, scenic Ambient pulses which will surely resonate with fans of the slow moving, melancholia-inducing romanticism of Wolfgang Voigt's classic GAS project whereas "Tetrachrome" provides comforting waves of warm, yet brooding and spine-tingling Ambient droning paired with the digital equivalent of a faraway surf blown over by summer winds before "If The Color" amalgamates slightly brighter, chromatic and twisting, in parts even (Neo)Cosmic-leaning structures with ghostly whispers seeping through from a realm slightly beyond our normal space-time-continuum to a fascinating, yet somewhat eerie effect. Deep.


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