Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Joyfultalk - Familiar Science [Constellation Records 163]

Released via Constellation Records on May 6th, 2k22 is "Familiar Science", the fourth full length album effort by the Jay Crocker-led project Joyfultalk and the follow up to 2k20's longplayer "A Separation of Being" which we've also reviewed on these pages. Now coming back with a total of eight brand new tracks rolled out over the course of 41 minutes Joyfultalk, instead of exploring a world of Phonk and SinoElectronica like in the preceding album, presents a much darker and ultimately unsettling sonic universe on "Familiar Science", pariring twisted, ominous and outerworldy choir loops with violent RhythmIndustrial-infused Illbient structures as well a good portion of DarkJazz in the opening tune that is "Body Stone" only to continue on a similar, earth-shaking path in the subsequent, yet slightly smoother "Take It To The Grave". The project further drifts into off kilter Blaxploitation x Easy Listening crossover themes with the title track "Familiar Science" whilst diving into nocturnal SpaceJazz with "Ballad In 9" or even providing thundering, complex and multilayered percussion freestyle meets intense, shrieking FreeJazz / Improv madness in bits like "Haglography" just to name a few. A fully fledged diversion from its predecessor this is so "Familiar Science" might not necessarily be a sure shot for all those who've only discovered Joyfultalk over the course of the past 24 months or so.

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