Sunday, July 03, 2022

Axiome - Field Guide To Alien Planets And Other Disco Balls [Audiophob 039]

Another fresh addition to the roster of Jena's Audiophob label is Axiome, the Belgian duo comprised of Cedrik Fermont and Olivier Moreau who've been on the circuit since 1991 and have had a stretch of releases put out via the infamous Ant-Zen label over the course of their extended career. With their latest album, the twelve tracks and 64+ minutes spanning "Field Guide To Alien Planets And Other Disco Balls", we see Axiome on a distinct Electro x ElectroBass tip providing dark and thundering sci-fi vibes alongside doomed vocoder voices from a dystopian future as well as cold, brooding and danger-heralding synth atmospheres, starting from the dancefloor smashing opener "Superfluid" to the sparse UltraPhonk of "Expanding Lightwaves", the hyperseductive shuffle of "Forsaken" as well as the brutalist, hard hitting beat assault of "The Dentist" and the funky AcidElectro fusion of "Planetarium", all, alongside many other unmentioned tunes, perfectly falling together to provide one of the purest, most genuine and thrilling Electro album we've come across for a long time. If 12" releases like Dynamix II's 2002 bang0r "Pledge Your Allegiance To Electro Funk" are sitting in the top shelves of your record collection for a reason you shouldn't miss out this one. Top drawer. Highly recommended.

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