Thursday, July 07, 2022

Marta Warelis - A Grain Of Earth [Relative Pitch Records]

Another fresh album released via Relative Pitch Records on June 17th, 2k22 is "A Grain Of Earth", the latest nine tracks and roughly 33 minutes spanning album effort conceived by Marta Warelis. On her fourth longplayer the Polish piano player explores a realm of tender, frolicking, yet at times sparse Contemporary Classical x (Neo)Classical composition techniques with meandering, glistening tonal waves pushing to and fro whereas pieces like "(Into) Body In Pieces" fully explore the harsh, mechanical side of the piano as an instrument that usually is never revealed until one decidedly uses and abuses it to the absolute max, bowing strings and straining moving parts against their intended function whilst driving its keys to thundering climaxes in fast-paced exercises drawing inspiration both from the Improv as well as the Jazz scene at times whereas bits like "In Waves" cater ever accelerating, hounded and intertwined movements which for some reason evoke blurred, cloudy memories of the era of silent film whilst the title track that is "A Grain Of Earth" fully indulges in tender romanticism and the concluding "Ashes To Sea" comes across as ghostly and otherworldly as an alienated piano performance that seems more like a ghostly cello or viola can be just to name a few.

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