Monday, July 25, 2022

Trzaska / Vrba / Tokar / Pandi - Mala Pardubicka Vol. 4 [Gusstaff Records]

Put out on the circuit via Gusstaff Records on June 10th, 2k22 is "Mala Pardubicka Vol. 4", the latest full length album outing created by the international quartet comprised of Mikolaj Traszka, Petr Vrba, Mark Tokar and Balasz Pandi which once again combine their instruments of choice - sax, trumpet, electronics, double bass and drums - to take us on a 15 tracks and roughly 66 minutes spanning journey. Weighing in both individual influences and experiences as well as (Free)Jazz traditions from their respective motherlands as the participating artists are hailing from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ukraine, their journey starts from a point of masterfully subdued, yet HyperFunk-infused bassline pressure accompanied by loads of expertly worked out Jazz / DarkJazz details, later progresses into more nocturnal territories whilst bits like "Freshly Born" provide grounds for a fascinating musical dialogue of sorts, the "Heavy Moth" might turn out to be a longing experimental Jazz standard of the future whereas "Kotva Tova" drives and wrenches its apparent main motif through improvisational hell leading it to ecstatic heights just to name a few. Heavy, yet well fascinating stuff.

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