Wednesday, August 31, 2022

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2k22

01. Mark Hand & Neil Iceton - Holiday In Beta Centauri [Innate 005]
The Innate camp comes forward with another quality outing and their first full on artist 12" release ever after a set of yearly compilation singles put on the circuit ever since the labels inception in 2018. Now Mr. Mark Hand and Neil Iceton are in charge of keeping quality levels on par with their four tracker, providing a musical ark ranging from 'troity, complex and dancefloor functional UK Intelligent Techno garnished with driving stab melodies and playful, ever intertwined synth lines to bouncing, string-laden late night Electro, partially garnished with whirling modulations and x or deep dreamy, friendly and explorative motifs for dedicated genre connaisseurs and IDM lovers. Proper good.

02. Missing & Skeleton Army - Raised In The 80s [Sub System Recordings 007]
What a bang0r. Released on limited yellow neon vinyl - yes, imagine magic markers here - Missing & Skeleton army perfectly almagamate contempory (Neo)Jungle / Drum'n'Bass vibes with a well obvious Pop attitude and hints of JumpUp to create one of the catchiest D'n'B tunes we've heard in a while whilst Tim Reapers re-fix on the flip goes a little deeper into classic UK Hardcore / Breakbeat- / Jungle-infused territories, slows down the tempo a little and adds spine-tingling vocal samples as well as earth shaking subs to the mix for the all them oldskool ravers out there.

03. Dusky - Life Signs Remixed [Running Back 104]
Quite a varied and versatile remix pack for Dusky's "Life Signs" 12" double pack, this. Whilst Cinthie's rework of "Static" fuses uplifting TechHouse, sweet vocal sample action and a killer synth motif reminiscent of classic Sheffield Bleep action we see KiNK exploring fast-paced, uplifting and ravey, highly functional Techno territories well compatible with the distinct minimalism brought forward by the likes of Robert Hood and others with his remix of "Fridge". Yet, the most interesting cut on this remix single is "Lea Valley *Rumu Remix" which takes things to a surprisingly groovy, seductive and most of all UK Garage-flavored level which one wouldn't necessarily expect on a label like Running Back even though it is one of the most diversified imprints out there. Defo one to check out for all UKG heads.

04. Faerber / Umwelt [LAP001]
Launching labels as a manifestation of their very own club and corporate identity seems to be a thing to do for venues these days and the Hamburg-based PAL follows this trend with the first stamped, limited to 300 copies release of their very own LAP imprint. Whilst Faerber goes down a route of fast paced, driving and rave-infused, highly functional contemporary Business Techno on the A-side whilst Umwelt once again brings forth his very trademark definition of brooding, hard hitting Electro of doom for those who can take it.

05. Nicolas Duque - DSDWHITE002 [Dansu Discs Whitelabel 002]
100% bootleg business. Nicolas Duque takes on Tweet's early 2000s R'n'B classic "Oops (Oh My)" on this stamped whitelabel 12" and revamps it in an atmospheric, slightly junglistic mid-90s Drum'n'Bass vibe on the A-side - think Omni Trio's "Haunted Science" album here - whilst providing a heavyweight classic UK Garage / SpeedGarage re-lick on the flip which is our favorite cut on this one.

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