Thursday, September 15, 2022

Cyprien Busolini & Bertrand Gauguet - Miroir [Akousis Records 004]

Released on September 5th, 2k22 via the the still relatively fresh imprint Akousis Records as their 004 is "Miroir", the first full length collaboration album cooked up by Cyprien Busolini and Bertrand Gauguet on their respective instruments, viola and alto saxophone which they usually explore in a context oftentimes referred to as 'new music'. Split in two extended pieces - "Oscillation" and "Vacillation" - which together span a little more than 53 minutes in total the two artists create ever meandering, tentative streams of music working their way up from droning minimalism and an ultimate Deep Listening Music approach to slowly emerging harmonic elements, breaking down to near silence and going through a similar, yet intensely stripped down, cycle once again within the first piece whereas the second extended cut immerses the listener even deeper in a full amalgamation of Minimal Music and abstract Contemporary Classical before evolving into a seductive song of sirens with temporary klaxon'esque peaks and well yearning, melancholia-infused movements which bring forward the most tender side of the duos conjunctional work. Defo one for undisturbed and focused ncoturnal consumption, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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