Friday, September 09, 2022

Guillaume Loizillon - Collapsus [Trace Label 058]

Another fresh one put out by the Trace Label on September 2nd, 2k22 is "Collapsus", the latest conceptual longplay outing conceived by Paris-based producer x composer Guillaume Loizillon who initially created a bunch of experimental electronic sequences who were then sent out as source material to a plethora of artists including Quentin Rollet, Laurent Saiet, Blaise Merlin and others with the idea to use those as building blocks to create some kind of 'Ambient Carbonic Techno' initially. The result, a fourteen tracks and roughly 64 minutes spanning album piece, presents a well fascinating amalgamation of explorative, friendly Electronica with a spin which somehow reminds us of the early days of, oftentimes psychedelic, electronic composition in combination with a certain Pop or at least harmonic sensibility, several layers of Spoken Words, beautiful tripping synth tones and an overall feel combining the best, most chill and most playful characteristics of labels like Digital Kranky, Rephlex and - for a most recent reference - Pingipung within one highly enjoyable journey which even touches base with genres like ChillOut, deep Future Jazz, Psychedelia or even Easy Listening at times. Defo one album to put on on repeat on a chill autumnal evening, probably as a well received and appreciated soundtrack for deep, candle-lit conversations with one of your closest friends. Most beautiful. Recommended.

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