Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Gintas K - Mountains, Runlets, Caves & Cascades [Gk Rec 006]

Coming in all the way from Lithuania is Gintas Kraptavicius' - a.k.a. Gintas K - new album "Mountains, Runlets, Caves & Cascades" which has been released as a limited to 100 copies CD edition on the artist run imprint Gk Rec as the labels 006. Released on August 13th, 2k22 and originally recorded back in 2k20 the six tracks and roughly 47 minutes spanning longplayer once again sees the Lithuanian experimentalist employ his tested and proven setup of computer, midi keyboard and controller to perform a deep dive into hyperdetailed and partially hypergranular flow composition. With the opening set of tunes subsequently named "Mountains, Runlets, Caves & Cascades #1 - #5" and the additional closing tune "Eastern Bells" Gintas K provides a well minimalist view on spatial, cavernous DarkAmbient atmospheres accompanied by chiming, ever busy and moving, partially glitched out background motifs as well as sweeping filters and the occasional hard hitting, yet heavily reprocessed percussion burst, probably generated from originally field recorded sounds that bring to mind bands like Einstürzende Neubauten in their "Kollaps" phase whereas the rest of the album would rather apply to those deeply entrenched in the sounds of artists like Yves De Mey, Aleph-1, Oval, Shapednoise, Aube and other producers of partially Glitch-leaning Deep Listening Avantgarde Music of electronic origin. Good stuff. Check.


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