Monday, September 12, 2022

E Millar & Christof Kurzmann - Rare Entertainment [Mystery & Wonder 009]

Put out on the circuit via the Montreal-based imprint that is Mystery & Wonder as their 009 on August 7th, 2k22 is "Rare Entertainment", the first ever collaboration album created by Austrian improviser Christof Kurzmann in conjunction with Australo-Canadian sound artist Elizabeth Millar under her shortened musical moniker that is E Millar. Over the course of roughly 50 minutes the pair provides two individual long form pieces which are broken up into five and two individual parts respectively, brought to life by an entire arsenal of sound sources including amplified clarinet, fans, motors, lloopp (what?), voice and non-specified objects as the inlay of this limited edition release reveals. The sonic result of this cooperation, live recorded on a festival site in Montreal on June 17th, 2k19, is quite a fascinating journey into hyperatmospheric Deep Listening Music built on a foundation of ever droning subs which provide a solid, oftentimes brooding bed-plate for microtonal clarinet, filtered and morphing digital scrapings as well brittle, airy and most fragile, partially even Apocalyptic Folk-leaning vocals, provide tectonic low end shifts or extended nocturnal trips into the realm of Dark Ambient and highly detailed, multi-layered minimalism with a slightly melancholia-infused twist which adds an extra deep layer of heartfelt, spine-tingling beauty and even drifts into comforting hyperminimalist Post-PostRock for a closing. Defo a highly recommended one for a reason. Go check!

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