Saturday, September 03, 2022

Konstrukt & Peter Brötzmann - Dolunay [Karlrecords 094 Promo]

It's been August again so Karlrecords followed up on their schedule of releasing a Konstrukt album each year, this time seeing the Turkish collective teaming up with FreeJazz icon and legend Peter Brötzmann. Put out on the circuit on August 26th, 2k22 "Dolunay", as the name of their longplayer is, presents a set of eight tunes rolled out over the course of roughly 58 minutes, originally recorded in November 2008 and released on the obscure, and now long defunct, local Turkish label Re:Konstrukt in 2011. Now made available for an international audience for the first time ever this re-issue presents the hyperdense, intense and partially draining side of FreeJazz / Improv - at least for the untrained and unfocused ear - in which Mr. Brötzmann rides along and atop a gazillion sonic events a.k.a. an impenetrable wall of drums for the most part even though pieces like "Kurtlar" offer at least a few stripped down and somewhat minimalist sequences before, once again, bursting into full on thundering drum chaos and oftentimes shrieking saxophone madness. Don't play this one to an unsuspecting BarJazz lover - and neither to your infant child!


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