Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Juhani Silvola - Wolf Hour Roundelay [Shhpuma 072]

Sent to our postbox straight from the Norwegian headquarters of the artist himself is "Wolf Hour Roundelay", the latest album by Finnish-Norwegian guitar player Juhani Silvola and his first ever longplay piece released via the Portuguese imprint that is known as Shhpuma. Put out on the circuit in June of 2k22 the nine tracks and roughly 37 minutes spanning release sees Mr. Silvola embark on a journey into sonic territories solely created by a combination of prepared acoustic guitar and electronics described by the artist himself as an approach to 'speculative sonic archeology' and basically coming down to a sparse and stripped down array of tender, inward-looking and slightly off-kilter - hence: prepared acoustic guitar - late night meditations on his instrument, partly twangy, partly chiming and oftentimes experimental, especially in standout cuts like the somewhat electroacoustic Post Post-DesertBlues incarnation of "World Of Wings And Mirages" whereas the subsequent title track evolves from a tender exercise into an array of hypnotic, trance-inducing motifs with a slightly ritual twist, "The Eternal Present" explores deeply dubbed out territories, the droning, spine-tingling "Night Song From The Canopy" summons mysterious spirits from the outerworld and emulates eerie, yet seductive siren songs with seemingly bowed strings before "Procession (Infinite Regress)" sees a sparse, somewhat ritual loop of plucked guitar tones spinning off into eternity whilst being accompanied by a second layer built off of an additional twangy melodic motif as a leading thread in this one just to name a few. Deep Listening Music for those in the know.


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