Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Desolat - Elegance Is An Attitude... To Shit On. [Bloodshed666 Records 022 / Santa Diabla 016]

Coming in from the Nottuln-based head offices of the Santa Diabla imprint is "Elegance Is An Attitude... To Shit On.", the new nine track album by Viennese band Desolat which is about to see its vinyl release on December 9th, 2k22 as a joint venture effort with the Austrian label Bloodshed666 Records. Following up to the picture disc release of "Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy" once again we see Desolat venturing off into the lands of slow, yet heavy riffing, growling vocals and brutal, blasting guitar melodies backed by a super heavy foundation of hammering drums of doom, providing a well blasting Sludge Metal / Hardcore soundtrack for post-apocalyptic warfare and death defying Mad Max'esque tournaments. If this, alongside track titles like "I Wish You The Worst", "Rollercoaster: Confusion Is Stable, Confidence Is Luck", "Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Grumpy" or the most epic "You And Everyone Around You Are Total Shite And Deserve To Suffer To Death. Hopefully Everything Ends Soon." sounds like a perfect score for your early morning routine - or: your nocturnal hunt for lost souls and lonesome creatures of the night - there's absolutely no way you do not need this record. Get.


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