Thursday, November 24, 2022

Robert Rich & Luca Formentini - For Sundays When It Rains [Soundscape Productions 040]

Put out on the circuit via California-based Soundscape Productions on September 30th, 2k22 is "For Sundays When It Rains", the new collaborational album effort cooked up by the labels head honcho Robert Rich in collaboration with prolific Italian guitarist Luca Formentini. With the albums roots having sprouted in Carmel, CA and final touches put on the twelve tracks and 57 minutes spanning body of work both in California and near Lake Garda in Italy respectively the longplay format fully lives up to its highly melancholia-inducing title, touches base with tender, organic and slightly Post-PostRock-driven PopAmbient, floating, naturalist ChillOut and warm, highly comforting Ambient sounds and provides a deeply beautiful and touching listening experience that's as scenic and texturally rich as a balearic sunset. A listening experience to share with a loved one. Nice.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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