Thursday, December 08, 2022

Christine Abdelnour & Andy Moor - Unprotected Sleep [Unsounds 074]

Released via Unsounds Records as their 074 on November 1st, 2k22 is "Unprotected Sleep", the latest album collaboration cooked up by Christine Abdelnour and Andy Moor. The album, a nine track journey rolled out over roughly 40 minutes playtime, combines improvisation pieces recorded both in 2011, which could be referred to as a starting point for this future longplay then to come, and 2021, conceptually dealing with the vulnerable and fragile state of hypnagogia, sonically depicting this transcendent, oftentimes intermediate state through calm, yet somewhat unsettling hyperminimalist Post-PostRock structures solely provided by guitar and saxophone movements slowly meandering back and forth atop a foundation of droning, DarkAmbient-leaning atmospheres, partially building up towards buzzing, yet also disturbing and nightmare'ish crescendos one cannot escape from like the hypnagogic sleeper might not escape from hallucinatory sensations or even sleep paralysis if experienced. This being said "Unprotected Sleep" might be a well recommended Deep Listening Music album for those aware of groups like the seminal Village Of Savoonga or living off of a diet of Dark Ambient anyway, yet might not be administered to children or those of faint hearted nature for a reason, especially when it comes to the hypnotic, braincell-draining repetitions of "Telephone", the twisted, ever morphing sonic aesthetics of "Compartment 5", the icy, exoplanetary atmospheres of "Building On Top Of Ourselves" or the ever buzzing, fever'ish and nocturnal ritualisms of the concluding "Cool, Cruel And Everything In Between" which provides a vibe of lost ancient magik for those in the know. Go check!

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