Sunday, December 04, 2022

Chris Abrahams - Follower [Room40 Promo]

Another fresh album release put out on the circuit via the ever busy Australian imprint Room40 is "Follower", the latest longplay effort cooked up by Sydney-based composer x piano player Chris Abrahams which hit stores on December 3rd, 2k22. Sporting four brand new pieces rolled out over the course of 37 minutes Chris Abrahams once again focuses on intimate solo piano works, opening with the chiming, ethereal tones and glacial background atmospheres of "Costume" which are accompanied by solemn, lower register late night meditations subsequently followed by cinematic strings, harsh tonal shifts and tense, highly unsettling, rattling glassy or metalling sounds causing major unease in "New Kind Of Border". Furthermore "Sleep Sees Her Opportunity" provides more spine-tingling tension for psycho horror movies evoked by minimal, meandering Ambient drones, cavernous spatiality provided by various background movements of unrevealed origin as well as sparse, seemingly lost piano repetitions and a dry, somewhat fast-paced four-to-the-floor rhythm emerging out of and disappearing into nowhere before the "Glassy Tenseness Of Everything" fuses stripped down, sci-fi-leaning Electronica / Rhythm Industrial structures with computational background bleeps and more processed, dreamy piano tones. One album for chill, yet well focused listening sessions this is.


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